Thursday, February 05, 2009

"Responsible" Tories blame irresponsible labour

We were taking bets with my coworkers as to "where the first mass riots" will happen in Yurope due to the Global Economic Mess (TM) until someone said "it already started, yesterday, London".

U.K. Protests at Foreign Contract Workers Spread

And then I read over here, the "responsible tories" saying:

Tories blame 'irresponsible' Brown for wildcat strikes

"The Tories today blamed Gordon Brown's "irresponsible" comments over British jobs for British workers for the wave of wildcat strikes at industrial sites across the country. Shadow business secretary Kenneth Clarke said however aggrieved people felt, industrial action at power stations and oil refineries at a time of "national crisis" was not the way forward. "We don't want to see riots in Italy about British workers, working in Italy, at a time when British companies are seeking contracts on the continent for their British workers."

But he added: "Understandable worries at the present time have been turned into direct action as a result of the Prime Minister's irresponsible use of the phrase 'British jobs for British workers'."This was populist nonsense at the time he used it and part of some curious Britishness agenda, which he was pursuing for reasons of his own at the time.

"It was more concerned with his job security than anybody else's job security in this country."


Thatcher's Trafalgar Square riots

"Its unpopularity contributed to the downfall of Margaret Thatcher who resigned in November 1990 after 11 years at the helm of British politics."

The Enemy Within: Thatcher's Secret War Against Miners

How Thatcher tried to dodge bill for policing the miners' strike


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Eduardo Real said...

So what? 'British jobs for Argentinian Nerds'? You choripan eater set adrift, blaming on nac & pop rules to endorse the thatcherian free markets ones! What a shame!

joke! joke! :)