Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Expocomm Argentina: an expo worth seeing

Expocomm Argentina -the 2005 edition- came to an end last Friday, and I had a great time covering the event for the Inquirer this year.

Among the highlights was the deployement of WiMAX, the broadband wireless standard, by two local ISPs. This comes way before the U.S. starts trials of the technology, which according to reports won't happen until 2006.

Once again, Argentina shows the way, and the U.S. follows, later. . Ok, I'm just teasing american readers. Of course Argentina still has a way to go and improve in about every area, yet it's kinda ironic to see the U.S. lag so much in WiMAX deployment. Who knows, maybe in a few dozen years, there'll be a U.S. president who realizes the danger of climate change and signs the Kyoto treaty, as my country did years ago?. . Ok, enough teasing. :)

Here's a link that takes you to a list of my Expocomm 2005 coverage for the INQ. And I made a record number of articles as well!.

Happy reading, and I hope I'm able to meet some INQ readers in the 2006 edition!.