Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nestor Kirchner dies. A Statesman has left the building....

For people of our generation (30-something), the death -today- of former Argentine president Nestor Kirchner, and husband of the current president Cristina Fernandez at age 60 due to a heart attack, has hit us hard.

There was a man that came in 2003, when the country sunk into the abyss of IMF policies and death spiral of high debt and austerity measures, and came with a different speech, something unheard of in previous decades... a speech about regaining trust in our abilities, rebuilding the role of the State and public policies, boosting education, science and technology, and kicking out the IMF and its failed policies.


And he did all that, plus repaying debt to the IMF, and doing the exact opposite of what neocons wanted. Argentina has been enjoying high growth rates and low unemployment ever since. Not to mention his human rights policies of prosecuting human rights abusers by repudiating amnesty laws that favored the torturers and killers during the late 1970s so-called "dirty war" by the military junta.

On the foreign policy level, Kirchner was essential in the regional integration policies and the creation of UNASUR, the union of South American countries, and thanks to it, solving political crises in Bolivia and Ecuador.

So, thanks Nestor Kirchner.

Thanks for creating "Encuentro", the public educative TV channel.

Thanks for ending the failed private pensions system.

Thanks for recovering the national public airline, AerolĂ­neas Argentinas

Thanks for recovering the national mitiary airplanes factory, FMA.

Thanks for the biggest public works programme in recent argentine history.

Thanks for boosting education, science and technology budgets.

Thanks for encouraging local production of all things tech, from software (with the Software Industry promotional Law), to High-tech (Radars at INVAP).

Thanks for having SANE fiscal policies, of DUAL SURPLUSES (fiscal and trade surpluses).

Thanks for recovering the role of public policies and public works.

Thanks for restoring our faith in politics, and sane public policies.

A Statesman has left the building.

I for one, will continue supporting your wife, Cristina Fernández, with my vote.

History will do justice to his work and vision.