Thursday, January 29, 2009

Damn you, Facebook

[wrt health: I'm back. Sort of. Let's hope the pills continue working. I have a replacement pack of 20 so with 1 a day I should be OK for the next few weeks]

HERE IS THE NEWS: I finally succumbed (sp?) to the PEER PRESSURE factor and enabled all 20+ outstanding link requests on my FACEBOOK profile.

The original idea I had was to register an account on Facebook just to prevent identity theft, but leave it there, unused.

I was wrong. I spent most of the day yesterday answering invitations of all sorts and updating my profile. There. Done. Now don't expect me to waste any more time with it. I might answer personal messages but I made a resolution not to waste more time seeking groups and the like.

I think that what is currently there reflects my tastes, ideas, and personality quite well, so please everyone STOP BUGGING ME ON Facebook with games, polls, applications and the like. I will continue to add people I know but that's about it.