Monday, August 15, 2005

Peace Doves bomb innocent passers-by

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

This is not a doctored photo. I took it last Friday while shopping around for the best price of cat5e ethernet cable around town. This is what a particular block of the "Boulogne Sur Mer" street looks like in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's an old neighborhood, full of electronics parts sellers, and as you see, in one particular block, packed with doves / pigeons. EVERY wire has a community of pigeons standing there, 24/7. Suffice to say that one has to be careful when walking around (or carry an open umbrella), because of the continuous fall of, well, smelly "liquid paper" (sheesh, I´m old!) alike poo...

I´m a peacenik, but in this instance, I think doves are going too far...

btw: while I can´t say it with 100% certainty, the exact location must be around here. Congrats to the guys at Maporama for the great site!.