Thursday, November 03, 2005

George W. Bush in Mar del Plata: what is he doing?

Many people might be wondering "What is George W. Bush doing down there in the Mar del Plata, Argentina's favourite beach destination???".

Well, this humble correspondent has the answer.... away from the spotlight and on an almost DESERTED CITY under siege due to the presidents' get-together party dubbed "Summit of the Americas", George W. apparently used this time to have a good time alone, and reflect on his administrations' latest scandals.

Media reports "The Argentine city is virtually seized by security forces; some 200 blocks have been fenced off and movement there is restricted" but that didn't seem to bother young George.

Images courtesy of my old school pal and Mac advocate #1 Pablo X.

Click to enlarge each image....

(For those who sadly don't know Mar del Plata, these are actual Mar del Plata sights in the background. My kudos to Pablo X for his great photoshopping).

While George W. enjoyed the beach, the rest of Mar del Plata's inhabitants wrestled with the police trying to get to their homes, or trying to send George their greetings and salutations....