Friday, February 20, 2009

Parasites of the World, unite!

The Bible of Reaganomics-style Crapitalism and Creationism, the often partisan mag Forbes from the namesake Steve Forbes, has an incensing piece where one of its writers laments the downfall of traditional media, to the hands of e-pubs and those pesky bloggers.

"Bloggers are very useful but are essentially parasitic; they seldom produce actual news and are often factually challenged, repeating errors more often than correcting them. That is because there is generally no system of accountability. One second after a blogger gets a thought, it's effectively published, often without the blogger even bothering to do a spell check." says Bruce Bartlett @ Forbes magazine over HERE



Bina said...

That asshole should come over to MY blog and say that. Having been to j-school and having seen the media from both sides of the fence, I frankly prefer the blogosphere. Bloggers can and do self-correct, and if they don't, their commenters will be merciless. (The only reason MY commenters don't often correct me is because I'm very, very seldom wrong. LOL.)

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

I am sure the captain of the Titanic lamented the sinking of his ship. If it were not for the damned ice-bergs to keep him on his toes he could a just sailed any way he wanted.