Monday, April 18, 2005

Ok, I have a blog in, now what?...

"I'm a trend follower not a trend setter" was at some point in life one of my mottos, and this certainly confirms it. I feel kinda uncomfortable now, however, having opened this blog on rather than installing and running my own. Hrmmm.... I still haven't decided what to do.

The good part of having your blog in a "free service" is that you can continue blogging even if your life goes down the drain... even a few coins can let you update your blog from the street, if you ever become a homeless (provided you find an internet cafe that lets a homeless in, and that you don't stink too much ;). The bad part, and this is pretty obvious, is that you lose control.

The problem I see is that I have several personalities, me the computer geek, and me, the political advocate. And to top this split-personality disorder, I have friends overseas, who would certainly like to read my babbling in english (ok, spanglish ;), and local friends, who would very much prefer to read my babling in español.

What to do?. Split my musings in four different blogs? Create sub-categories?. I'm open for suggestions....

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Anonymous said...

Blogger is ok but I heard that creating categories is a pain.

On the plus side, it's got dozens of browser plug-ins to make your life easier as a blogger.

I bet you'll soon discover the wonders of Picasa software and the Mozilla and Firefox extensions that you can install to, for instance, add "blog this" functionality from a pop-up menu, regardless of the web page you're visiting.

On the downside, Picasa currently has no linux version. They should code it in Java if you ask me.

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