Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nine years later, where are the Bush supporters?

About nine years ago, in the Dec. 1, 2000 issue of (print) magazine "Internet World", more precisely page 16, we could read readers´ letters squaring off in support of Al Gore and George W. Bush, both candidates at that year´s presidential election.

First, there was Ken Greenberg, president at the time of Edge Communications Inc.

He made a strong argument for Al Gore, and against GWB:

"George W. Bush is simply the least qualified candidate of my lifetime. Leaving aside Al Gore´s very real role in marshaling Congressional support to fund the Internet, his economic and social policies argue strongly, even overwhelmingly, for his election."

"I find it laughable that so many dot-commers appear to find Bush appealing. Haven´t entrepreneurs done incredibly well under the current Democratic administration (whatever weight you give fiscal policy)? I certainly have."

"Isn´t it clear that a trillion-dollar giveaway and the undermining of Social Security will in fact be ruinous for everyone?"

He was, of course, right-on.

But then, the magazine featured a letter from a Duke Walls, president and CEO of "Sabertooth Systems, inc." in support for GWB. He claimed that

"A vote for Gore is a vote for dead Internet firms" and that "a vote for Bush is a vote for continued growth and innovation without interference and censorship".

So G.W.Bush stole won the election in 2000, and after two G.W. Bush terms, the business of Duke Walls´ firm must have done certainly well, just like the U.S. economy (joke), right? Well, I looked around and there isn´t a Sabertooth Systems Inc. anymore.

The web site at SaberToothSystems.com redirects to a non-existing page at Cology.com. Further googling around reveals a 2005 article showing it was acquired by Cology, a firm dealing with back-end processing of student loans.

And how did the future-reading, Al Gore supported Ken Greenberg fare?. Nine years later, he's still succesfully commanding Edge Communications Inc.

Need I say more about the wisdom and predictive powers of conservatives vs. progressive people?