Friday, September 14, 2007

Blu-Ray PS3 wins in dollars/features ratio over HDDVD+Xbox360...

A lot has been written lately about the High-Definition standard wars of Blu-Ray vs HDDVD.

I only have enough money to buy a single console and HD movies player,
so I have done the math using prices from

Sony PS3 (60 Gb) console: $499

Sony PS3 Blu-Ray remote $24

Sony PS3 cordless Media Keyboard $65

Total: $ 589

Storage: 60GB
Full-size wireless Keyboard: Yes
Runs Linux without mod: Yes, [4, afaik] Yellowdog for PS3 , Fedora-PPC, Ubuntu-PPC, Gentoo


Xbox 360 - 20Gb: $349

Xbox 360 HD-DVD player add-on: $180

Xbox 360 Media Remote: $20

Tiny clumsy Xbox rubber mini-Keyboard: $30

Total: $579

Storage: 20GB

plays HD movies: YES, but with Bulky add-on

You fund an evil corporation which is also a convicted monopolist: YES
Runs Linux without mod?: NO
Full-size wireless keyboard: NO

Game over, Sony's PS3 wins. :)

Price difference:
Sony's $10 more expensive, big freaking deal. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another 9/11 - but in Chile


When the new generations hear the words "September 11" they think about the attack on the twin towers in New York.

But there was another September 11 as painful -if not more- for Latin Americans...

Here goes my little homage to a man who valued and kept his words till the end. A man betrayed by power-hungry criminals because the Empire up North wanted to prevent him setting a "bad example" on the region.

Last words of Salvador Allende (Spanish):

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[English translation here]

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"-This is admiral Caravajal, ¡I want to speak to the President!

-This is the president speaking
After a few moment, the president's voice
lashed out like a whip:

-¡What do you think, you sh*tty traitors!... ¡Take your plane up your ass!... ¡You're speaking to the President of the country. And the president, elected by the people, does not surrender!

--Salvador Allende, under siege by the military coup, in La Moneda presidental palace, Sept. 11, 1973

[From "Salvador Allende: how the white house caused his death"].
[Published by El Ateneo. ISBN 950-02-7452-3]

"History is not stopped by repression or crime. This is a stage that will be overcome. This is a hard and difficult moment: it is possible they will crush us. But tomorrow will belong to the people, will belong to the workers. Humanity advances to conquer a better life."

-Salvador Allende's last words message, from La Moneda, Sep-11-1973

(full translation at "Allende's Last Words")