Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today´s coup d´etats are done with the media

I was surprised today by a post from YANQUI MIKE. He reports on the "lack of meat" at the supermarket, and appears to blame it on government actions. The fact is that there´s plenty of meat to be delivered to supermarkets, but ARMED PICKETS by the wealthy landowners are PREVENTING FOOD AND ALL AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES from reaching Buenos Aires.

There has been FOUR separate incidents of people getting hit by mobs and sent to the hospital for not stopping at the protest pickets on national highways. Try to do that in the good old US of A, land of liberty and freedom, you´d be sent to the clink faster than you can say ¨...wait!".


In my view, this is a coup d´etat attempt by the same wealthy landowners that in past decades supported the military. If you or any serious economist looks at the figures, "el campo" (the countryside agriculture sector) is more profitable here than in Brazil.

I´m afraid that Mike, being a foreigner, doesn´t understand all the political and economic forces at play here.

Today´s news story

Argentine agriculture sector more profitable than Brazil, even after taxes

and here automatic translation...


We´re calling a gathering for Thursday and Friday in front of the Sociedad Rural Argentina, Florida 460, to protest the armed pickets in argentinian routes and the fact that big cities are being held hostage by armed gangs of the wealthy landowners who´re doing an AWFUL LOT BETTER than they did in the 1990s at the time of the right wing Chicago-school ¨free market rules" economic programme.

Oh an another thing... as early as last THURSDAY, I saw commenters on centre-right paper LA NACION calling for "countryside patriots" to SABOTAGE THE ELECTRIC GRID, how about that?.

I continuously reported those messages as "inciting violence" but those were REPOSTED OVER AND OVER, for a period of SIX HOURS, from 1:00am to 7:00, by four different people.

COINCIDENCE?. If this wasn´t staged, I don´t know what was.

And how about the 2,000 people showing up with banners in Plaza de Mayo? Did they make the HUGE banners "supporting the countryside" on short notice? Or did they have those already prepared for the "event"?.

Argentina has a long tradition of infighting. And a friend says that Argentina is not a democracy, it´s a country in perpetual civil war, only that "it´s frozen from time to time, then the war is revived".