Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fernando Cassia makes it to Forbes shock

I can´t frigging believe it!. One of my Inquirer articles mentioned in

The "business" and "finance" magazine Forbes (the kind of magazines I generally despise due to their weak and oversimplified coverage of the Tech world and their promotion of the "get rich at all costs" kind of mentality - or as The Beast, would say, the kind of magazines read by "every rich asshole cokehead with a fast car" -even while I admit that there´s ONE business magazine that I can read without feeling contempt, and that´s BusinessWeek :), publishes an article titled "Top Ten Tech Articles worth reading".

And what article do we find mentioned in the first place?. My own INQuirer article titled "Top 10 Firefox Annoyances". Now that´s a surprise!. I don´t even know yet if to be honoured or outraged. But as someone once said "there´s no such thing as bad publicity". Yet at the same time I don´t feel to good about being used as a weapon against the Open Source movement ("see, open source isn´t that great", seems to be the implied meaning in Forbes´ mention of my article), because my article, while very critical, was meant to be well-intentioned, showing the flaws and shortcoming so it gets better.

I doubt that helping Open Source projects is in Forbes´ top ten interests. Forbes is the kind of magazine that is always glorifying software companies with proprietary products (and the more proprietary, the more market grip they have, and thus earn more, and thus shareholders benefit from it) are actually "Good for Society".

And one last thing.... the name of the author of that piece.... Penélope Patsuris sounds like a totally bogus name of the kind a phone pranker like Tom Mabe would make up.

"I´ve made it to Forbes, Dad, I´m famous!". (not ;-)