Monday, May 14, 2012

Dana Blakenhorn joins the anti-Oracle parrots club

Below is my response to Dana Blakenhorn' s article titled "What Oracle
is hiding"

I' m not holding my breath waiting for him to publish it.... (it' s
"under moderation" as I write this).


Wow, you really really hate Oracle, don' t you?. Take a look at the
world around you Dana. The financial markets are plummeting. That' s
where Sun used to sell many of its hardware. Guess there aren' t many
Lehman Brothers to buy Sun hardware nowadays right?

Your rest of your article is pure drivel. Who cares about Apache's
Java implementation and its fight with Sun/Oracle, it' s history.

OpenJDK is where the action is at, and Apple contributed its OSX Java
code to OpenJDK. Twitter has joined OpenJDK along with IBM, too. So I
guess the writing is on the wall, right?. OpenJDK is a sucess, no
matter how Ziff-Gates and its anti-Java writers would like to spin it.
And Oracle has been a great steward of Java, investing in OpenJDK,
NetBeans (the Java IDE), Virtualbox, and Glassfish, among other former
Sun open source projects. Plus, Linux will be on equal footing with
Windows server'  ReFS thanks to the Oracle-developed Btrfs.

So next time you slam Oracle, keep in mind you' re hurting the firm
that is driving Java forward and one great contributor to Linux and
the open source ecosystem. Shame on you!


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Nerd Progre said...


Wow, this guy really really hates Oracle. Or really likes one of its FOSS competitors...