Monday, May 02, 2011

Boy, are CIA alumni hard to kill!

The world´s most famous CIA alumni and famous mass murderer is apparently dead.

Now, I´m awaiting for Obama´s "Mission accomplished" photo-op a la GWB, and surely a total retreat of troops from the Middle East (sarcasm).

In any case, good news about someone who should have never been engineered by the USA.

Osama Bin Laden: supported by the US and Pakistan (BBC)

Some critics have called his death "cold-blooded murder or a gangland execution dressed up as 'justice'" which is a good point, why the killing and not detention. But think about it.... one would think that the capture of him alive would have ended in a months-long trial and, ultimately, execution. Besides, I don´t think that if he was armed, that he would have allowed that to happen.

PS: The celebrations of "common people" in the streets are understandable. When was the last time the people of the USA as a whole -not republicans or democrats- celebrated something? I say good for you all. Even if it´s only a momentary illusion of achievement and collective cheering that actually means nothing for the inmediate day-to-day lives of most the people cheering.

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Jeff said...

Pretty well said. It was kinda interesting to see even the most liberal of folks cheer at this quack's end. And, I must say, I'm not generally a "capital punishment" type of guy. But, I really did have a little "pep in my step" that day.