Sunday, May 09, 2010

ICANN´s Tina Dam was a big deal

ICANN´s Tina Dam, whom I had never seen before, was on CNN last Friday discussing the news story of native language domain names for Middle East languages.... and surprisingly, she said it´s "really hard to explain" why the new availability of URLs in Arabic is "such a big deal" (CNN anchor´s question) for Middle East people...


Couldn´t she make the point that the current system of typing in western characters for URLs would be akin to us westerners having to type URLs and domain names in Kanji or some other foreign character set?.

Double D´oh!.

Like the saying goes... sometimes common sense is the least common of all.

PS: Tina Dam is a hottie.
Still, maybe she wasn´t well prepared for such hard-hitting questions. ;)

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