Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Comments are often funnier than the story...


Two comments caught my eye:

1. Reader thinks Buenos Aires is in Brazil

"Not to rain on the pity parade, but her fixation on having a firm, shakable booty is a symptom of Rio's rapidly-spreading 365/24/7 fixation on Carnival. Everything is connected. At least now it's not only Americans, who are fixated and spend all of their money on beauty treatments."

Another reader´s reply:
"um, lightning joe.....Bu­enos Aires is in Argentina, Rio is in Brazil. They are different countries that speak different languages. Also, South America is still considered America last time I checked, and thus, so are the people."


2. Too funny:


I regret nothing! Poor Argentinian girls must do what they have to do, to attract rich American politicians! My butt is so firm, St. Peter is bouncing quarters off of it as we speak! Ay, Dios mio!


PS: I´ve just returned on-line after six days without service. Thanks to my cable ISP.

1 comment:

la compaƱera ambalivabal said...

well, this is pretty funny, thought..

Well, Speaking for Black Women in America. This will never happen to a sista.
Butt's are in our DNA.
As a brotha I say "God Bless our DNA and America".

Eat Mo Chikin and Red Beans & Rice. The Butt come automatically.