Thursday, June 05, 2008

US of A needs four years of McCain to hit bottom, then real change will come

I had hopes the Americans were smarter than that, and would elect Hillary as the Democratic Party candidate.

Instead, they selected this half-hearted "yes we can" empty speeches candidate, the smiling guy who's way too eager to please everyone. Thus, what can be expected from him are compromises, not real, drastic change.

Obama has been moving to the right since day one, trying to capture the Republican votes... and even praised Reagan and the GOP as the party of ideas...

Obama panders to the right, throws Democrats under the bus

It is thus with gread sadness that I say I expect John McCain to win!. Just as Roosevelt's New Deal needed a great socio-economic crisis as the motivation for such reforms, I think the US of A needs to really hit bottom before making real social progress once and for good, and a continuation of the GWB policies in the hands of McCain will surely accomplish that.

The Associated Press has a story here where middle-class women say they'd prefer to stay at home on election day rather than give a vote for Obama.


Amid all the talk about a first black president, many women are deeply disappointed, in some cases furious, that Clinton's own historic campaign fell short and that Obama's campaign undercut her along the way. Her loss was painful for women who have encountered sex discrimination themselves, especially older women who saw her as the best hope for electing a female president in their lifetimes.

Obama himself must heal the rift with women, said Clinton fundraiser Susie Buell of San Francisco, or a new brand of "stay-at-home moms" might sit out the election. "I know that women are very worked up right now," she said. Obama "has never apologized for the way Hillary has been treated."

"Worked up" could describe Cynthia Ruccia, a Democratic activist in Ohio who got a phone call from party chief Howard Dean about her concerns last week."Way too little, way too late," says Ruccia, who also says she'd prefer to see McCain elected over Obama based on how the campaign unfolded. "This is about feeling that the party completely disrespected us, let us down, and we don't feel that we want to be with the party," she said.

Emotions boiled over at last weekend's televised meeting of a Democratic Party rules committee, when some women chanted "McCain '08" after the Clinton team lost its bid to win more disputed delegates from Michigan.


If, instead, they elect Mr. Obama, his lukewarm "half-reforms" have a great chance of accomplishing too little, too late, and the Republicans will be breathing behind his neck, blaming him for all the consecuences of today's GWB policies.

Moral of the Story: Go McCain, go!.

This blog endorses John McCain, for real change ... in 2012

(if there is still a World then... and that's a big IF...). ;-)

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