Friday, June 20, 2008

Banana magazine "Forbes" mocks Argentina

I should be outraged. But after reading Forbes headlines on my GMail Inbox, and occasionally some stories on the web (I´m glad to say I never ever bought the print version), I was not surprised. For the record: I think BusinessWeek is the (mostly) drivel-free magazine to read.

I´ll cut the babbling: It seems Argentina is a "banana republic" according to Forbes´ Tim Ferguson . Well, I guess he better tell Intel, Motorola, Google, Tata, Globant and other IT powerhouses which have selected Argentina as their regional HQ and to install their development centres down here instead of across the border or elsewhere in the Southern Cone.

Forbes reporters know in-depth the countries they write about.
While sipping coffee from the comfort of their local Starbucks.

This level of drivel and bias for countries that do not strictly bow to the financial pundits´ words of wisdom ( CATO / IMF recipe books ) is to be expected from them. As one famous lawyer and content licence author whom I won´t name once told me when I inquired him if a positive mention by Forbes was a compliment or a stain on my resume: "they're just buttering you up..." was his response.

We have to thank the financial press like Forbes for their wonderful analysis
and early warnings about the housing market crash, the dot-com bubble bust, and more!


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