Friday, November 30, 2007

Pride: Argentina's telecommunications ranking

While the right-wing press who misses the "pro-market" State-free 1990s tries to smear the current administration day after day... we read some good news thanks to PRMinds's report on telecommunications in Latin America:

2007 Latin America Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband in Mercosur, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela:

"Argentina: Argentina has one of the most solid state-of-the-art telecom infrastructures in South America. Fixed-line teledensity is around 22%, similar to Brazil and Chile. Like elsewhere in Latin America, the shift is away from traditional telephony and towards mobility. While fixed lines stagnate, mobile telephony is booming, reaching a penetration of over 82% – a figure that is well above the Latin American average, trailing only Chile and a few Caribbean islands. All telephony services are open to competition, requiring a single licence for any type of service. The country’s incumbents Telefónica de Argentina and Telecom Argentina still dominate the country’s fixed network [it's time to end Telefonica's Local Loop monopoly, Cristina!], but long distance telephony is highly competitive [who calls long distance from a fixed line?]. Three mobile operators, Movistar, CTI Móvil, and Telecom Personal, run a close competition for mobile market share. All three are planning network upgrades in 2007 to prepare for the launch of UMTS 3G technology. Argentina’s Internet market is the third largest in Latin America, and penetration is among the highest in the region."

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