Monday, October 22, 2007

Fernando's outdoors adventure (Jungle computing)

Some people who know me personally have criticized me, saying I'm a home rat, a hermit, a computer geek inmerse in his private world of software and hardware... and in that sense, they have been for the most part right. Very few things force me out, besides the usual buying groceries, attending a show of some sort, or the evermore scattered- exercise walk.

However, that doesn't prevent me from embarking into journeys of dangerous exploration of the wilderness aka "the outside world".

Here's a pic of me yesterday, writing from what looks like the middle of a jungle (which is actually my parents' patio) to Mad Mike and some of our Mad Readers who chastised me because of my DELL opinion piece -and among other abuse, accused me of "not knowing that the dot is the decimal separator for currency amounts in Argentina" (of course, I was right, and he was wrong, as usual with the most vitrolic complainers who preach from their high horse).

[Click to enlarge]

Who said the life of a computer geek can't be dangerous?. Look at that pot above my head? It's about to crush me!.

PS: In case you're wondering, it's a beatiful old Lemon Tree.

1 comment:

99 said...

m mm Jungle computing sounds great... but be careful with those lemons, they look dangerous too.
Fer, I was reading for days the "think outside the bottle" link you sent me and I am ecstatic at the contents and supporting sites. Wonderful people.