Friday, August 17, 2007

VMware Player FC6 / blag installer for blondes ;)

I'm sick and tired of having to do the work that paid programmers should do.

And no, I'm not thinking about the nice guys at blag Linux which work nearly for free :)

I'm thinking about VMWare, which distributes a "VMWare player" aimed at end-users but makes installation a nightmare full of pitfalls needing patches and lots of manual fiddling.

Don't believe me? Do you think things are "fine" as they are and there's no room for improvement? see the results of this web search on Google and compare it to this one.

In short: I'm tired of having to do the work that paid programmers, many of them surely earning 50x more than me- should be doing in the first place.

Now, to follow the suggestion of Steve from the blag forums, I will just "CHILL OUT , man..." and let you have my script:

... so you will hopefully end up with VMware Player 2.0 up and running in your blag 60000 linux box (or hopefully Fedora Core 6 as well) running the latest 2.6.22-1 Linux kernel and just pressing [enter] a dozen times....




Anonymous said...

Of course you may feel that is was a nightmare, but what you failed to mention is that Fedora is not a supported Host or Guest OS. If it was a supported host OS, there would have been pre-compiled modules and there would have been no need to install patches or kernel source code to compile.

Just like any software you purchase you need to read the "Host and System Requirements"

Fernando (Nerd Gaucho) said...

#1) If you look at what I wrote and follow the links, you will also realize there's dozens of people who cannot compile VMware player modules even on SUSE 10.1 among other distros.

#2) You say "just like any software you purchase". VMware player is freeware, so no purchase was involved. Of course if I had to spend money I'd look carefully at the requirements. Still, Linux software is Linux software and if any company wants to be taken seriously by the Linux community, they better make sure their product at least works OK on the "big four" distros (SUSE, Fedora, ubuntu, Debian).

#3) I decided to leave your comment because it was an intelligent one, but I really dislike talking to "anonymous ghosts". Please consider registering for a Google account so I know who am I talking with.