Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Proof that too much Oracle DB makes you suck at picture taking and writing

Buenos Aires: "they don't bathe daily, and they have bad taste like the French"

He must be on medication, I mean God, look at the blurred pictures! -or perhaps he was sweathing and shaking in fear while walking the streets with his armed bodyguard expecting an attack at any minute!!- LOL

I nominate Mr Oracle expert as the laughing stock of the Year!!!

Quotes from his "book"

"Buenos Aires is a city of contrasts, with virtually no middle class"

"Argentina has a history of civil unrest and the wholesale killing of foreigners dating back for centuries."

" and let's not forget the Americans who were tortured and killed in Argentina over the past decades. "
[huh? maybe he means the 30,000 disappeared thanks to Mr. Kissinger's attitude towards Latin America and the U.S. supported military coup in Chile and later the U.S.-tolerated military government in Argentina?]

"Buenos Aires has lots of police, but many are veterans of the Falkland invasion, so don't expect too much sympathy."

[huh?? Military =! police!! 90% of the soldiers who took part in the 1982 war were 18 year olds doing the mandatory draft]

"Simpson's re-runs are on the local television stations constantly and the translations are true to the English originals, and you can recognize Marge and Lisa even though they are speaking Spanish."

[Gee, has this guy ever heard of globalization and the concept of the international TV? Guess it' s not the same in every other country around the world huh? Only Argentina airs the Simpsons dubbed into the local language?? I have news for you: we grew watching "Knight Ridder" and "Get Smart" in the 80s, shocker!]

"Buenos Aires is plagued by “Ladrones”, local pickpockets who are found in all major tourist areas."
[No, stupid. Ladrones is spanish for Thiefs. What you are referring to is "pungas", local slang for pickpockets]

" Puerto Madero was built in-response to the complaints from the Buenos Aires women about all the streets of Buenos Aires having all-males names."
[AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROF,LMAO!!!
Yes, the women complained so much that we created Puerto Madero just because of their complaints... LOL]

I will leave aside for a moment the stupid and inaccurate references to the Falklands/Malvinas issue, but suffice to say that: a) it was a stupid act ordered by a military dictatorship trying to stay in power and supported by Washington at the time, b) the invasion of the islands was completed on April 2nd, 1982, with ZERO deaths on the part of the islanders, and one Argentine soldier dead. All further deaths were caused months later in the fight by the UK forces to retake the islands.


Pablo Flores said...

Oh my. I'm speechless. I don't know what to say, and believe me, anyone who knows me knows that is a very rare event. Are you sure this is isn't a satire blog? Something like Borat, only American?

Oh my.

Frank.Sugar&Spice said...

I looked at his sight and this guy has shit for brains. I also know that there are many like him unfortunately. How do you think Bush got re-elected?

Jokes aside. People like him make me embarrased that I come from the same country that this dope came from.

He even managed to screw up the recent tragic events and called them a terrorist plot by this one person.

Actually the more I think about it the less I can actually say because it just overwhelms me.